The most reliable partner in the market of private investment in the real goods! The rules of our project is absolutely simple and clear for anyone who wants to understand where he invests his money.
  1. It is forbidden to participate to persons under the age of 18;
  2. Administration of Floralinvestment reserves the right to refuse registration and acceptance of funds from the investor without giving any reason;
  3. All transactions conducted on the company website are confidential and access to them can be obtained only by registered users;
  4. It is prohibited to use someone else’s account;
  5. It is forbidden to create more than one account;
  6. The Company is not responsible for any delays in payments related to payment systems;
  7. Information about current investments and dividend payments is closed;
  8. It is forbidden to use third-party programs to work with the system and the Personal cabinet;
  9. For violations of the rules and conditions for participation in the venture fund Floralinvestment, the Administration reserves the right to apply appropriate measures to protect the interests of a group of investors.

Responsibilities of the Administration:

  1. The Administration undertakes not to disclose to third parties the personal data provided by the investor;
  2. The Administration undertakes to provide high quality services to users: a functional resource, expert technical support, feasible help donors associated with the operation of the project. The Administration can not guarantee the absence of failures of the data center;
  3. The administration reserves the right to amend this agreement unilaterally, but is obliged to inform investors about changes in the publication "News" section on the company website.

Investor (the donor) has the right:

  1. To inform other people in order to attract them to participate in a venture capital fund;
  2. To create own websites and place the information about the company on them;
  3. To send wishes and feedback to the administration in order to improve services;
  4. To require the fulfillment of the conditions of this agreement from Floralinvestment company.

Terms of investment and profit accrual:

  1. After the registration, payment details cannot be changed at one’s discretion;
  2. Payment of interest on deposit is carried out exclusively on the payment system the deposit was placed through;
  3. Minimum investment amount is $100;
  4. Maximum investment amount is $10,000,000;
  5. It is impossible to withdraw the principal
  6. The Investor is required to provide valid payment details;
  7. Payment of profit is carried out right after accrual;
  8. The Investor has the right to have an unlimited number of deposits on any available investment plan;
  9. It is forbidden to register multiple accounts;
  10. The Investor is not allowed to use third-party software when operating the system and the personal cabinet.

Liability of the parties:

  1. The Company shall not be liable for incorrect payment details provided by the Investor;
  2. The Company shall not be liable for errors and failures in payment systems operations;
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any losses of the Investor resulting from the use of the website of the Company

Final clauses:

  1. When placing a deposit, the Investor is informed that previous finance indicators may slightly differ from those in future;
  2. The Company has the right to terminate rendering services in case its activity is affected by force majeure events, such as: earthquakes, technogenic disasters, revolutions, strikes, floods, and epidemics;
  3. The present agreement remains legitimate in case further amendments are made by the Company.