The agreement of the public offer

1. General provisions

1.1. The services offered on the site company Flora Investment, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", hereinafter referred to as the "Services".

1.2. Individuals and legal entities, which include the above-mentioned services, hereinafter referred to as "clients".

1.3. Natural or legal persons, to attract customers and carrying out promotional activities on behalf of the company, as well as provide information support to attract customers called the "Partners".

1.4. This agreement (the Agreement) is in the nature of a public offer, that is the equivalent of "verbal agreement" and has an appropriate legal force.

1.5. By using the Services, the Client thereby confirms its full introduction and acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.

1.6. In carrying out and / or interpretation of this Agreement, the parties undertake to steadily guided by the current legislation and regulations in force using the Internet internationally.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. On the basis of this Agreement, the Customer charges, and the company undertakes to perform work related to c accommodation at auction Flora investment funds Client.

2.2. The client is obliged to accept and use the services provided by the Company on such terms and conditions as defined by this Agreement according to the current rates of payment specified on the website.

3. The procedure for granting and accounting of Services

3.1. To start working with the Company, the Client should read the Agreement and the rules and agree to work with them (registration site confirms agreement) In the event, the use of the Services provided by the Company is not possible.

3.2. After approval and registration, the Customer must top up your balance, choose the services and place an order providing it. After the end of registration applications, it will be executed and will be removed from the balance of funds under the current at the time of registration order rate. If the application can not be executed for some reason, the funds will be returned to the Customer.

3.3. Services provided to the Client for the duration of the selected investment rate.

3.4. Account access and management of all services are available on the Company׳s website, using the username and password of the Client.

4. Duties and rights of the Company and the Client

4.1. The company must:

4.1.1. Will enable customers to use the clock services offered.

4.1.2. On changes in the rules and in the report to the Client by publishing on the website.

4.1.3. Provide customers with the opportunity to obtain advice on the work of the Company׳s operation of the site and provision of services, as well as due to the technical support.

4.2. The company has the right to:

4.2.1. Stop providing services to the Client if the latter violates current "Terms and conditions", as well as if the Client violates the moral and ethical standards adopted in the field of business turnover.

4.2.2. Suspend the use of services to customers by blocking access to the Customer׳s site, as well as blocking services ordered by the Customer if the latter is suspected of violating the rules of work to clarify the situation.

4.2.3. Demand from the Customer a document confirming the identity of the Customer or the data they entered to validate the data of the customer - in the case of suspected fraudulent activities.

4.3. Customer Responsibilities:

4.3.1. Using the services provided by the Company, the Customer is obliged to follow all the rules, comply with applicable "Terms of Use", observe the rules of morality, and the terms of this Agreement.

4.4. The customer has the right to:

4.4.1. Use the services provided by the Company at any time and for any purpose, are not contrary to this Agreement.

4.4.2. Get access to your account at any time.

4.4.3. To carry out the withdrawal of funds from an account according to the regulations the withdrawal of the Company.

5. Limitation of Liability

5.1. The company for its part, guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by the client The customer is fully responsible for the safety of their login and password If you use an account and services of third parties with the consent of the Client׳s full responsibility and risk of the customer incurs. The company assumes no liability for unauthorized access to the customer׳s account by third parties and causing any harm to the client was due to loss of data due to the fault of the Customer Client.

5.2. When performing the Services by the Customer: unreliable data, inadequate account balance account, delay in operation of the Internet, errors in the delivery of electronic communications (e-mail), the Company is not responsible.

5.3. The Company is not responsible for poor quality performance and access the individual segments of the Internet, the delivery of information and confidentiality of the client.

5.4. The company is not liable to the Client if the performance of the obligations and service delivery has not been carried out properly due to compelling factors (force majeure).

5.5. In the case of registration of the Customer on the link partner or directly to a partner, the latter becomes available necessary for the conduct of promotional activities of the company data of the Customer, and the responsibility for keeping this information confidential, as well as customer support is transferred to the Partner.

5.6. In the event of conflicts and claims between the parties and their inability to clarify in writing between the Client and the Company, the dispute is settled unilaterally by the Company, according to the "Terms of Use" and the provisions of this Agreement.

6. Duration, modification and termination conditions

6.1. The Agreement shall enter into force upon agreement with the Client by recording them on its website.

6.2. The Company reserves the right to change the terms of the Agreement unilaterally, what is required to notify the Client via e-mail and publication of a new version of the Agreement on the website. The financial part of the site can not be changed.

6.3. The customer is responsible for the introduction of amendments to the Agreement.

6.4. Termination of the Agreement shall be deemed terminated by the Client use of services provided by or to comply with the terms of this Agreement by either party.

According to international standards: A public contract does not require registration on paper and its subsequent signing by the parties, has legal force due to the commission of certain actions by the parties indicating their will to enter into a contractual relationship.

The facts support the conclusion of a public contract from the consumer services, it is the design of an application for the provision of services (registration on the site) and their subsequent payment.