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How to create deposit with Naira

1. Creating account at www.onlinenaira.com

Go to https://www.onlinenaira.com/members/signup.htm and click "Create Your Wallet".
After registering go to your account and click "DEPOSIT MONEY". On next page enter amount, select prefer payment method and click "INITIATE DEPOSIT NOW!"
Suchwise you funds your Onlinenaira.com account. When money will come into your Onlinenaira.com account you can make deposit on Floralinvestment.com.

2. Making a deposit on Floralinvestment.com

If you are not registered on Floralinvestment.com, please, do it. Click button "Sign Up" on right top screen corner, fill the form and click "Sign up now". Alternatively, you can register your account here.

Go to "Make Deposit": Choose Naira, choose deposit plan, enter prefer deposit amount and click "Continue" button. In step two, check the data selected and confirm your intention. The browser will be re-directed to the payment form of Onlinenaira.com.
Enter your login and password for onlinenaira.com and click "Continue". When your money will arrive you can see your deposit here https://floralinvestment.com/backoffice/deposits