Investor instruction

According to the statistics, most beginners that have come to the investment market find their way to our resource via web advertisements while searching for an additional income. They have a regular job and try to engage in investments in their spare time, though not ruling out an option of making an investment project their key business. Here is a few useful tips that will help the beginners to achieve fair results in a quite short time.

The stages that lead to your success are quite simple. Set a specific goal. Let us say, you want to earn 1,000 USD per month. Re-evaluate this amount on a calculator that is available on our website.

Therefore, to achieve the goal, you need to select a tariff plan. Let us say, you select ROSE tariff.

It means that you will have to invest $ 1,800 and, since the deposit principal stays in the process for 60 workdays, your profit amount will be much higher, especially considering that, once your tariff plan expires, you can switch to a higher-yielding and longer-term plan or vice versa.

A question arises: I do not have $ 1,800!

In this case, you will have to take the following course: for instance, you have $ 30 and you can start with TULIP tariff plan. In 10 days, your net profit will be $ 3.87.

You may say, how little!

Yet, with correct re-investing, your profit amount will grow at a mathematical rate: you take the entire amount in your deposit ($ 33.87) and, sticking to the same tariff plan, invest it once again. See what happens in another 10 days: your balance is already $ 38.24. You repeat the same procedure two more times and, at the end of the period, there is 55.03 dollars in your deposit! Not bad getting an 80% profit from an initial deposit of $ 30 in 40 days!

Since your funds remain in the account for 60 workdays, in line with the company’s investment regulations, you can invest your $ 55.03 into ROSE tariff plan and your profit will be $ 86.18. The final result is that you have increased your investments by nearly 200%.