Flowers is it 1000% profit.

Company was founded in 2013, by me and my friends. We have established a strong relationship with international partners. Today we transform Floral investment into a holding company. In 2016 we entered new markets of China, India and Latin America.

In 2015, investment project provided a high profit and allowed us to increase turnover up to $ 1 billion. Creating investment platform - FloralInvestment.com, it is step on the way to development of private investment in our business.

It will be a reliable stepping stone for future developments and increase in profits for years to come. Working with private investment, in 2016 we are launched FLORALINVESTMENT.COM.

Stepping forward, working for benefit of the most beautiful business in a world. We invite private investors in profitable and growing business!

Welcome to world of Floral Investment!

Andrey Trudalov, founder & chairman


Investing in Flower market it is a new high level of earnings!

Invest in flowers it is very profitable, we can guarantee the investors a 120 in month %. We do not sell virtual assets like forex, binary options. All funds are invested in real goods which selling all over the world.
Annual sales of flowers reaches € 7.45 bln.

An opportunity to enter into futures contracts for purchase of flowers attracts many buyers and sellers on the stock exchange, thus increasing the volume of trade transactions and stimulate the market. This market is not affected by the fall in energy prices, and the financial crisis!

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